New Team & Am2Pro

Mon 8th Jun 2015 - 2:20pm Gaming

As you guys know, weeks ago Applez & Kiwi had left Xistance and left Me & Impulse looking for two and we decided to pick up Evil & Origin to get the team back on track and make this team a contender. We have been practising alot to get team chemistry and communication leading into the next Am2Pro LAN Event.

We have been a team for over a month now and as a team we have decided that we will be attending Am2Pro in july. With how this team has been dedicated these past few weeks this team could make it far at Am2Pro if we can keep up this dedication in the coming weeks leading into Am2Pro's second LAN Event. With people leaving and Joining the captain role of the team has been given to me by the team because of my ingame attitude towards the team. I feel i have been able to get the whole team onto the same page and all our mindset's on the same path and that is to win. Will our hunger and determination to win no team can take us likely going into the LAN Event.

The team is very excited leading into our first LAN Event and are happy to be under an organisation that we feel wants the same that we want and that is to always be a contender and want's to get to where we as players all want to get to aswell. Now it is only in our hands as players that in the coming weeks and at Am2Pro in July that we just play our game and go into our first LAN Event full of practise, confidence and the desire to take it to any teams that we come up againest at the LAN event.



Karl Murray

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